Niki Pretti is a Berkeley, CA based artist and musician. She works within the photographic medium,  focusing on ideas of storytelling, passage of time and capturing those unforgettable moments. She works with both film and digital formats.  

Being raised in the East Bay and spending most of her time in Berkeley, Niki was exposed to art and music at a very young age. Around 8 years old she was given her first camera and hasn't stopped taking photos since. Niki spent a good portion of her youth at the infamous 924 Gilman St. Project, where she first got into photographing live music. She went on to study photography at the University of California, Santa Cruz and graduated with a BFA in Art. While at school, Niki broadened her scope of work into portraiture and using portraits to tell stories. She became heavily involved in photographing live performances during this time.

After graduating, Niki moved back to Berkeley where in 2011 she started her own business venture; Niki Pretti Photography.

Niki currently resides in Berkeley in a beautiful 1920's home decorated with flocked velour wallpaper from the 70's. She shares her lovely home with two very rambunctious cats, Ziggy and Chucky.

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